Jim Abuan, a California based artist, was born in the Philippines and immigrated to central California with his family when he was eight years old. At an early age, he displayed drawing talent, which led him to eventually pursue art education, earning a BFA in Fine Arts (CSU Stanislaus, Turlock, CA) and an MFA (Painting) from Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, (1974-76).

 Following graduation from Otis, he delved into showing conceptual work at spaces serving as temporary galleries throughout Los Angeles. He made a living as a graphic artist, eventually becoming a vocational teacher of Graphic Arts/Design, Black & White Photography and Yearbook.

 He returned to art-making and began painting after retirement. The resulting body of work can be considered thesis prototypes in which two or three paintings were done and set aside to be later developed and expanded upon. Influenced by pre-Pop artists, his imagery comes from magazines and extends to creating abstractions using paint and color from the hardware store. In some of his pieces, his technique of using latex house paint as adhesive for image transfer produces a unique appearance and quality. Imbedded in the paint is print advertisement (and therefore backwards) that appears to have been applied as brushstrokes, resulting in a quasi collage painting. Other work includes portraits of imagined people, exploring style.



  “Put something on the canvas that begins the process leading to visual issues and solutions – this internal activity occurs within the rectangle. Ultimately this results in the external when the conversation that is art is addressed.”

jim in a mirror.jpg